Margery Jess

Co-Director, Community Support and Outreach

📞 413-536-2401 x3005 or 413-530-5488


Margery Jess, Co-Director, has been employed by the Support Network for over twenty years. She brings her own lived experience raising children with mental health concerns as well a background in Special Education to the program. Margery was part of the Collaborative Assessment Program, the first strength-based program for children in MA. She also was a Senior Family Partner with the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative when the program was first established in 2009. Margery was employed as a Family Consultant with the Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services Planning and Review Team working with the most complex child and family circumstances. She is the recipient of the Human Service Forum “Clara Temple Leonard Award”, the “Paul Winske Access Award”, and the PPAL “Trailblazers Award”. During the past twenty years Margery has had the amazing opportunity to partner with hundreds of families to bring the family voice to the table. She spends her free time flower gardening, knitting, exercising, baking, and spending time with families and friends, including her three adored grandchildren.

Gretchen Emond

Co-Director, Training and Program Development

📞 413-536-2401 x3032 or 413-530-4689


Gretchen Emond, Co-Director, has been affiliated with The Support Network for over twenty years, first as a parent seeking assistance with her own child and then as a Family Support Specialist. Prior to working for The Support Network, she had experience as a childcare provider and then as a special education para-professional. Gretchen has served as a Youth Commissioner in her home town and is a trained CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children) volunteer. She has extensive training in special education advocacy, wraparound care and is a Vroon Vandenberg trained Senior Family Partner. She has assisted countless families to become their child’s own best advocate throughout western Massachusetts. She believes strongly that every family has strengths and talents to lean upon when times are tough and that we all create our own pathway to recovery for a full and positive life experience. When she is not working, Gretchen enjoys spending time with her husband and children, gardening, and raising chickens and ducks.

Janice Lamberg

Family Support Specialist

📞 413-536-2401 x3002 or 413-387-7161


Jan Lamberg, Family Support Specialist, is the mother of three daughters, all of whom are special in their talents, needs and relationship to the world! As a parent, Jan emphasizes supporting her children in their self-advocacy skills as well as nurturing their development of an ‘ear for the concerns of others’. She enjoys helping other parents strengthen their families and effectively navigate the many public systems of care and she is grateful to families who have shared with her their dreams, struggles and plans for a fulfilling life. Jan describes that perhaps the biggest challenge is learning how to juggle responsibilities with a unique, creative expression. Her efforts advocating for children’s and families’ mental health has been a tireless practice for Jan as she supports families on their distinctive and collective journey!