The Support Network, a program of the Consortium, fully values and supports our agency’s commitment to creating a culture of anti-racism and combatting injustice.  We are not only addressing these issues within our work environment but in our outreach with families, collaborators and stakeholders.  The Support Network team is fully committed to speaking out and not remaining silent when we are witness to racists statements, acts, and unfair treatment of others and are actively reflecting on our roles about the ways we may unknowingly perpetuate oppression.  We recognize the trauma that Black families and children have endured over the last 400 years and are dedicated to working together to create meaningful and lasting change.

Kristal Applebee, the executive director, stressed the importance of combatting racial injustice in the workplace and our everyday lives.

Racism divides – we must unite in combatting it by not being silent, and by investing in educating ourselves, having courageous conversations, and dismantling systems that perpetuate it while assuring measures of accountability are in place and upheld. Today, not only do we re-commit to our work on inclusion – we also commit to actively valuing and creating a culture of anti-racism and vigilantly combatting injustice.

Read the Consortium’s full statement on addressing racial injustice here.

For families seeking to learn and delve more deeply into anti-racism work, an anti-racism resource guide has been developed by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein. It includes learning resources for individuals as well as parents seeking to support and explore the discussion of racial injustice with their families.