Children with emotional or behavioral challenges have their own unique needs. The Support Network’s Family Support Specialists partner with parents and caregivers throughout our region helping them develop effective strategies to become strong and successful advocates for their children, adolescents, or transition-age youth. Our services are free of charge.

The Support Network is a program of the Western Massachusetts Training Consortium that is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. We serve the counties of Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire, and Franklin.

Our Mission

The Support Network is committed to families whose children have mental health needs by broadening knowledge, building resiliency, reducing isolation and stigma, and imparting hope through the sharing of lived experience.

Our Core Values

The Support Network prioritizes cultural humility and values strength based, collaborative, family driven and individualized support. We believe that by empowering families to be a strong voice for their children we can together achieve the best possible outcomes. Through the sharing of our own lived experience as well as the experiences of families we support, we strive to enlighten our local, state and national authorities about the difficulties families encounter while working to access the best possible care for their children.

What We Do

At the Support Network, , we work together with parents, caregivers and providers to make a difference in children’s and families lives.

Family Support Specialists are here to guide you:

  • Discover your child and family strengths
  • Participate in peer facilitated support groups where there is opportunity for mutual support, information and resource sharing in a safe, confidential, and respectful environment
  • Learn how to work collaboratively with your child’s school district as well as increasing awareness of special education regulations and 504 plan guidelines
  • Educate yourself by attending trainings and workshops
  • Keep abreast of the most recent research regarding children’s mental health and wellness
  • Learn about community resources and how to navigate the many systems of care
  • Build resilience, hope and healing through connections with other families
  • Discover ways to reduce stigma and amplify the family voice
  • Engage in local, state or national campaigns to raise awareness of children’s social and emotional needs



Upcoming Events

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Group Schedule

Group Schedule

Educational Consultations


Have questions about your child’s education? Or do you work with a family and want to know how you can support them with navigating the educational system? Join us for an educational consultation time.

Contact Jan Lamberg at (413) 387-7161 or e-mail at jlamberg@wmtcinfo.org

Consultas Educativas

LOS MIÉRCOLES a las 3:00

¿Tiene preguntas sobre la educación de su hijo? ¿O trabaja con una familia y quiere saber cómo puede ayudarlos a navegar el sistema educativo? Únase a nosotros para un tiempo de consulta educativa.

Comuníquese con Jan Lamberg al (413) 387-7161 o envíe un correo electrónico a jlamberg@wmtcinfo.org  

Virtual and In-Person Support Groups


Weekly Meetings

TUESDAYS @ 6:00 pm (Bilingual)

Zoom ID Number: 857 1459 3149
Contact Person: Jan Lamberg
Phone: 413-387-7161
Email: jlamberg@wmtcinfo.org

Monthly Meetings

MONDAY @ 6:00 pm (Every 2nd Monday of the month)

Zoom ID Number: 264 212 8031
Contact Person(s): Margery Jess / Gretchen Emond
Phone: 413-530-5488 / 413-530-4689
Email: mjess@wmtcinfo.org / gemond@wmtcinfo.org

TUESDAY @ 6:00 pm (1st Tuesday of the month)


Contact Person: Gretchen Emond
Phone: 413-530-4689
Email: gedmond@wmtcinfo.org

WEDNESDAY @ 1:00 pm (Every 3rd Wednesday of the month)

Zoom ID Number: 264 212 8031
Contact Person(s): Gretchen Emond / Shawna Osman
Phone: 413-530-4689
Email: gemond@wmtcinfo.orgsosman@wmtcinfo.org

Programa de Grupo de Apoyo 

Programma de Grupo de Apoyo 


Por favor únete en Zoom para nuestro Grupo de Apoyo Virtual.

JUEVES @ 1:00 pm (Spanish / Español) (Cada 2 do y 4 to jueves del mes)

Número de Identificación en Zoom: 899 2343 9423
Persona de Contacto: Jan Lamberg
Teléfono: 413-387-7161
Correo Electronico: jlamberg@wmtcinfo.org

“The Support Network has been my primary source of information regarding mental health services available for my child. It was difficult to acknowledge that my child has emotional challenges and my Family Support Specialist has been a knowledgeable, compassionate and caring source of support throughout this ordeal. She has listened patiently and offered suggestions for resources available in Western Massachusetts. At the monthly support group meetings I have met other parents who struggle with similar challenges and I have learned from their experience.”
Parent Testimonial

Working to achieve happiness and balance 

The Support Network works with each family getting to know their strengths and concerns while providing one on one free consultation to tackle the barriers they face.

The Support Network engages families and community stakeholders in activities that will increase understanding of emotional development in children and youth.

The Support Network proudly participates in public forums shedding light on the challenges that parent/caregivers face in their unique struggle for their right to full and appropriate services.

The Support Network continually looks for opportunities to break the stigma associated with emotional challenges.