The Support Network Team
The Support Network Team
Carol LambertProgram Director
Carol Lambert, Program Director, is passionate about healthy emotional development in children and has worked in various capacities supporting children and families in Massachusetts for thirty years. Her professional life began as an early childhood education teacher and childcare center director, as well as a child care counselor for families with children with special needs. She spent many years overseeing early childhood workforce development and early childhood program quality improvements for the western part of the state of Massachusetts. It was during her years working directly with children she began to formulate her personal mission to make a positive difference in children’s social and emotional life and since then has been active in leadership and advocacy in public policy regarding children’s mental health. Carol is a member of the Massachusetts Professional Advisory Committee on Child and Adolescent Mental Health, the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership Family Advisory Council, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and is part of numerous local grassroot efforts to provide families and children in Massachusetts with the best possible life. She is a mother of two adult sons and her husband, family, friends and her faith are very important to her. She likes to spend time outdoors running, hiking or kayaking, and tending to her flowers and yard.
Margery JessSenior Family Support Specialist
Margery Jess, Senior Family Support Specialist, has been employed by the Support Network for the past fifteen years. She brings her own lived experience raising children with emotional concerns as well as her background in Special Education to the program. Margery was a part of the Collaborative Assessment Program, the first strength based plan for children in MA. She was also a Senior Family Partner with the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative when the program was first established in 2009. Margery was employed as a Family Consultant with the Massachusetts Office of Health and Human Services for the Western MA Planning and Review Team working with the most complex and challenging family circumstances. During the past fifteen years, Margery has had the amazing opportunity to partner with hundreds of families whose children have mental health challenges and has acquired so much awareness and knowledge from this experience. In her free time Margery likes to flower garden, make jewelry, exercise, bake, tag sale, and spend time with her family (including grandchildren) and friends.
Janice LambergFamily Support Specialist
Jan Lamberg, Family Support Specialist, is the mother of three daughters, all of whom are special in their talents, needs and relationship to the world! As a parent, Jan emphasizes supporting her children in their self-advocacy skills as well as nurturing their development of an ‘ear for the concerns of others’. She enjoys helping other parents strengthen their families and effectively navigate the many public systems of care and she is grateful to families who have shared with her their dreams, struggles and plans for a fulfilling life. Jan describes that perhaps the biggest challenge is learning how to juggle responsibilities with a unique, creative expression. Her efforts advocating for children’s and families’ mental health has been a tireless practice for Jan as she supports families on their distinctive and collective journey!
Gretchen EmondSenior Family Support Specialist
Gretchen Emond is a Senior Family Partner and a member of the Parent Professional Advocacy League. Though she has attended many trainings and conferences, including the Georgetown Leadership Academy, the knowledge and skills she brings to the position of Family Partner were reaped from trial and error raising her eldest son, who is now twenty-one. Gretchen is also the mother of a fourteen year old son who has been diagnosed with Tourette ’s syndrome. Gretchen has helped an uncountable number of families become empowered throughout western Massachusetts.
When she is not working, Gretchen enjoys spending time with her husband and children, gardening, raising chickens and ducks, and reading. She believes strongly that every family has strengths and talents to lean upon when times are tough and that we all create our own pathway to recovery for a full and positive life experience.
Shawna Osman Senior Family Partner
Shawna Osman, Family Partner, is a mother of two sons and one daughter between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. She is very familiar with what is takes to be a parent of a child diagnosed with Bipolar, her son receiving identification at the age of eight years old. Shawna has learned so many valuable lessons through her nineteen years of parenting by effectively navigating the personnel hurdles that being a mother entails, through building effective relationships with the school systems and with various professional’s she utilized for support over the years. Shawna reflects on her journey and feels that although it has it share of ups and downs, as a whole they have taught her valuable lessons that she has been able to draw on and share with others. Shawna a very optimistic person and brings this to her parenting, professional life, and personnel relationships.
Chandra SanchezFamily Partner
Chandra Sanchez, Family Partner, is the mother of five children ranging from age seventeen to three years old. After many years of being a stay-at-home mom caring for several of her children with various special needs becoming a Family Partner is a rewarding way for Chandra to share her personal experience by supporting families on their own journey and giving them hope knowing they are not alone. Chandra gained many skills during her own years caring for her children such as learning to navigate professional and/or medical resources, how to access community programs, and build strong connections and relationships with providers working with her family. Chandra developed expertise in advocating for her children and in the process empowered herself as a parent and a leader for children’s rights; she now brings that to her work with the families she supports. In her free time Chandra enjoys spending time with her husband, children and extended family, and listening to music, dancing, or taking spontaneous day trips.
Cynthia SantiagoBilingual Family Support Specialist
Cynthia Santiago, Bilingual Family Support Specialist, brings many years and much knowledge to the Support Network team through her work with people with disabilities and through her personal experience. She is the mother of two boys and an involved aunt with her nephew and nieces, all who have emotional challenges of their own. Cindy has completed the Parent Consultant Training Institute with the Federation for Children with Special Needs and actively supports many parents/caregivers in their quest to find the best possible solutions to educational issues. Cindy is very connected to our local community service agencies and strives to bring attention to the unique needs of children with emotional challenges. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going bowling, dancing or relaxing watching movies.